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Established in March 2022, The Hill Community Interest Company exists to provide therapeutic support to those who need it within our local community.

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COVID-19 & beyond ...

We launch the CIC with our first projects which will deliver free bereavement counselling to those in our community who are struggling with a bereavement that occurred during or since the pandemic. 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought significant challenges to those who were bereaved; their grieving often compounded by the absence of rituals, the lack of contact with others and the trauma of being unable to be alongside loved ones in their dying moments.   

Unfortunately, when Covid-19 struck and the world was taken into lockdown, it impacted every aspect of As a result of these interruptions to the grieving process, many people have experienced feeling 'stuck' being unable to adapt to life without their loved ones. 

The Hill Counselling Practice CIC is privileged to offer this vital help and support to the residents of our town and aim to continue to support our community via other projects in future.

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We are actively seeking funding to help us deliver these vital services to the people of Padiham and the surrounding area. To find out more or make a contribution to our cause, please get in touch.

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