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There are many different types of counselling & psychotherapy used by therapists; what they have in common is they aim to help alleviate suffering. 

At the Hill Counselling Practice we have the skill and expertise to tailor therapy to suit your needs using a variety of different approaches, including person-centred therapy, psychodynamic therapy, transactional analysis and solution-focused therapy, among others.

Counselling is recommended when problems include depression, anxiety, issues in relationships, confusion of identity, struggles with a bereavement and the experience of loss, stress, addictions, and difficulties in life transitions (empty-nest/menopause). 

Long-standing issues that resurface in repeated behavioural patterns, or significantly interfere with daily life are often best addressed with psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy is often longer-term(6mths +) and many of our practitioners work on this basis.

Counselling & Psychotherapy is a commitment of time and emotions yet it is an investment in your emotional & relational wellbeing.

Counselling & Psychotherapy: About
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